Salvadori in a Box



Salvadori in a Box Interactive Science Kit

Salvadori in a Box is great for one student, a small group, or an entire class.
This remote learning option gives students the ability to work on fun, hands-on, collaborative projects from home.
Students will receive 8 Salvadori project-based lessons with everything needed – all in one box!

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What’s in the Box?
Salvadori in a Box contains eight hands-on experiments and activities. Through these lessons, students will learn about bridges and skyscrapers and the forces that keep them standing. All the necessary materials, including weights for testing structures, scissors, paper, tape and glue, are included, as well as instructions for students and adult facilitators and a book of crossword puzzles using vocabulary from the lessons.
What age group is the Box intended for?
Salvadori in a Box is designed for middle school students; however, we can provide extensions or modifications for older students.
How long will it take to complete the Box?
Each of the 8 activities takes approximately one hour.
Can students work on the Box by themselves, or will they need help from an adult?
Students can work on the Box 100% independently, although we recommend an adult facilitator to help guide them through the activities. We provide a written guidebook for facilitators that explains the science behind each lesson so you can better support your student(s).
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