The Salvadori approach to collaborative, project-based STEM education:

Salvadori offers a variety of multi-day in-school and after-school programs that enable every child to succeed. Salvadori’s approach to teaching math and science pulses between small group project-based experiments, and full class sharing, analysis, and discussions.

Our hands-on approach to building projects enables students to have an intimate and personal experience. Working collaboratively, students learn that they don’t need to have all the answers; each team member contributes to a more dynamic view. The small group scientific approach allows students to form hypotheses, build and test apparatus, record observations, and draw conclusions. Results are shared, discussed and analyzed with the entire class.

Each multi-day residency or program includes multiple collaborative experiments that build toward a culminating activity. Individual sessions start with a re-cap activity that explores the previous week’s session on a higher level. This reminds students where they left off and enables those who missed the previous session to catch up. The primary activity reinforces new concepts with hands-on, project-based experiments. Sessions end in a brief wrap-up activity, which is often a “cliff hanger” that motivates students to engage in future sessions.

To better understand Salvadori’s approach to STEM education, review the sample lesson plan here.


We immediately noted a tremendous difference in attitude towards mathematics. We began to see wonderful hands-on projects that involved the very skills in which our students were weakest. Perhaps the best symbol of success was brought to our attention by the 9th grade math teacher who asked why her new 9th grade students were so superior to the students who came to her in previous years.” -Monte Joffee, former Principal, The Renaissance Charter School, Queens

Salvadori currently offers the following in-school programs:

Salvadori In-Depth

Salvadori Starter

Salvadori Enrichment

Salvadori Condensed

Salvadori À La Carte

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“I learned to teach content and standards through activities-based lessons, to enhance curriculum with materials and objects, and to give students the opportunity to learn by doing.” -Teacher from PS 52, Queens

Salvadori currently offers the following after-school programs:

Salvadori After-School

Salvadori Condensed

Salvadori À La Carte

You can download our complete program flyer HERE

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Salvadori’s Initiatives for Underserved Students

For over 40 years, Salvadori has been committed to bringing collaborative project-based math and science programs to economically disadvantaged communities and underserved populations.

In 2016/17, we expanded our efforts to reach more of New York City’s marginalized students – students with physical and psychological disabilities, students living in temporary housing, and students from low income families.

1) NYCDOE Hospital Schools (District 75) provides citywide educational, vocational, and behavioral support programs. Our program at a hospital school in the Bronx for twice a week support students who:

  • are on the autism spectrum
  • have significant cognitive delays
  • are severely emotionally challenged
  • are sensory impaired
  • and/or are multiply disabled

2) NYC Department of Education’s Afterschool Literacy Program in Homeles Shelters is a pilot program for elementary school students in shelters. This is the Department of Education’s first citywide literacy-focused after-school effort in shelters. Salvadori delivers STEAM programs at six sites in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx under this program.

3) New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) provides safe, affordable housing and access to services to low-and moderate income New Yorkers. Salvadori has worked with NYCHA for over a decade. We initially provided 208 residencies in 104 NYCHA sites through a National Science Foundation grant (2006/13). In 2016, The Pinkerton Foundation enabled us to rekindle our relationship with NYCHA providing eight after-school programs for students from low income families at NYCHA centers in Staten Island. Due to resounding success, Salvadori will deliver twenty programs at NYCHA sites across all five boroughs in 2017/18!

The freedom of hands-on, project-based, small group exercises provides a safe, encouraging environment to these students in hospital schools, homeless shelters, and public housing. It empowers these non-traditional learners by giving them rare opportunities to thrive.


BRIDGES Project Book

BRIDGES project bookThe Salvadori Center designed the BRIDGES: Build, Research, Invent, Design, Grow, & Explore through Science program as part of a National Science Foundation grant. The program continues to improve student comprehension of grade-specific math and science concepts by using the buildings, bridges and communities that surround us. All of Salvadori’s programs use a collaborative, hands-on project-based approach to learning STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts.

Click here to view the free download of the BRIDGES Project Book.

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